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Impress Your Travel Clients with an Effective Brochure

One of the biggest revenue streams that your travel clients enjoy comes from cruise receipts. You can take advantage of this niche by offering to create useful cruise brochures that bring in business. Here are the basic concepts you should keep in mind when creating cruise brochures for your clients.


Of the varieties of vacation possibilities available to tourists, the cruise is certainly one of the more competitive. One of the cause for this increase is the improvement of direct mail cruise brochures used to lure customers. Cruise lines and travel agents routinely pay graphic design pros big bucks to create these effective print advertisements. Learn how to do it right, and you could be raking in some serious dough from your travel clients.


Cruise Brochure: Design Tips

Tempting Photos. The first rule of thumb for creating an effective cruise brochure is to include several shots of cruise amenities.

  • Pricing Breaks. Make sure that you include the most attractive pricing breaks on the first few pages of your cruise brochure.
  • Call to Action. The key to a solid cruise brochure is telling your prospects exactly what you want them to do…purchase tickets or call for more info.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to crack the cruise business and earn money making brochures, now is a great time. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the graphic design field is seeing a serious increase in opportunities for its professionals.


The Graphic Design Career Report

Typical Projects. Graphic design pros create print and web communications for a variety of businesses and organizations.

  • Freelance. One of the biggest benefits to a career in graphic design is the option to work for yourself in a freelance capacity.


Only the graphic design industry allows you to make serious money creating fun and artistic projects such as the cruise brochure.